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Интересно, идут ли слонопотамы на свист, и если идут, то ЗАЧЕМ?
А. А. Милн

Слонопотам не найденЭто демон

Обо мне





Виталий, 2009/06/01 18:01

Отличный сайт, очень полезный.

fauxmight, 2009/07/10 01:25


this is fauxmight (formerly christendoc) Finally got around to testing your gentoo, and it's fantastic. I've got some small pieces I'd like to add on your wiki, but I can't find a way to register.

In particular, 'mount' in maemo doesn't honor "-o rbind" Normally, you can avoid the "out of pts" error during compiles in chroot by mount -o rbind /dev /mnt/gentoo /dev but this doesn't work for maemo, however, you can work around it by mount -o bind /dev gentoo/dev and then mount -o bind /dev/pts /mnt/gentoo/dev/pts

I'd also like to add a crossdev howto for compiling big arm packages on a amd64 (or x86) box. I'd rather add to your wiki then add to mine. Yours is more complete and better tended.

You and luke-jr are doing awesome work.

Marat S. Radchenko, 2009/07/18 22:51

Hi, fauxmight, I send you email last week, but didn't get any response from you.

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